Tuesday, January 28, 2014

major sections of a B 25

all found on http://www.sandbarmitchell.org/design.html who would really appreciate a vote each day from now til Feb 23rd to get a $25,000 dollar grant from Fed Ex!


When you've clicked it, it's going to say thank you!

now that you've seen how many parts there are to inspect and refurbish... you'll understand that they need a lot of help with funds and votes! (and 5000 Clecos!)

They have a just under a month to raise the needed $25K to acquire the parts and transport them back to our Michigan restoration shop.
 · (3) R-2600 Engines in military metal storage cans, cores
 · (11) Different cowlings & attached supports
· (1) Nose cowling · (15) Cowl flaps
· (2) Yellow nose rings
· (2) Cowl rings, one has two flaps attached
 · (4) Generators · (4) Starters
· (10) R-2600 Pistons
· (13) NOS fuel boost pumps
· (1) R-2600 engine on pallet in poor condition
 · Hundreds of R-2600 engine baffling
· (1) Disassembled R-2600, incomplete engine
 · (1) NOS nose gear in box
· (2) NOS Main left landing gears
· (2) Prop blades, serviceable
· (2) Prop domes, serviceable
 · (35) R-2600 cylinders, serviceable
· (3) NOS wiring harnesses
· Miscellaneous R-2600 carburetor parts
 · Box of B-25 auto pilot parts

 I would like to thank you all for considering this opportunity in joining our support team and donating today. Please visit www.sandbarmitchell.org to make a donation or contact me at pmihalek@Sandbarmitchell.org