Monday, January 20, 2014

Andy Warhol... I didn't know he'd made other car prints (than the one I posted a 3 months ago)

there are others I wasn't as interested in, these are to demonstrate the variety, and I recall reading something about Mercedes having some deal with him, which explains how all of these are all Mercedes Benz

All found on

above two found on,andy-warhol-cars-by-daimler-collection

Ah.. the New York Times has a full explanation: In 1986, Daimler-Benz commissioned the pop artist Andy Warhol to make a series of paintings to celebrate the automaker’s centennial. The plan was for 80 works, and the subjects would be 20 of Daimler’s most important cars, including the Benz Patent Motorwagen of 1886, the first car ever built. But Warhol died on Feb. 22, 1987, of a heart attack shortly after gall bladder surgery. At the time of his death, he had completed only 35 silkscreens and 12 large-scale drawings. They were his last works.

as an aside about Warhol, his Green Car Crash, sold for 71 million dollars in 2007. Yes, for a print, not a Ferrari GTO. 71 Million dollars. What the hell?

Well in Nov 2013 it sold for 105 million
Green Car Crash , created by Warhol and his newly-hired assistant Gerard Malanga in 1963 from an image taken by photographer John Whitehead and published in the June 3 issue of Newsweek.
Whitehead's shot captured the aftermath of the fiery conclusion of a police chase in Seattle. The car that had been pursued overturned at 60 m.p.h., ejecting its driver at a speed sufficient to impale his body on a climbing spike in a utility pole. (gruesome.. and printed in Newsweek?)
 Green Car Crash was the only Warhol "Burning Car" painting of five (all based on Whitehead's photograph) to utilize a color other than black and white.
 It had been privately held for 30 years and generated a tremendous amount of interest in potential buyers.