Sunday, January 19, 2014

the Italian government had a particular scrap yard that they sent a lot of cars to for them to tear apart for the raw material during WW2. The scrap yard owner, well, he figured some cars should be saved. This is his collection

 Collezione Righini is one of the finest private automotive collections in the world, housing several landmark Alfas including Tazio Nuvolari’s 8C 2300, many Lancias (including a Stratos), important Formula 1 cars, and the very first car that Enzo Ferrari built after departing Alfa Romeo, the only Auto Avio Costruzioni (AAC) Type 815, which was raced in the Mille Miglia by famous driver Alberto Ascari.

Mario Righini is the current owner of this collection and resides in the castle with his family, but many of the cars were acquired by his father. During World War II, obsolete vehicles were sent by the government to the family's scrap yard to be torn down for their raw material. Mario Righini's father noticed that many of these vehicles didn't deserve to be destroyed, and over the years, he kept many of the vehicles that he felt would someday be significant once again.