Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Army flying platforms / ufo research projects. Ever wonder what they did with these toys? Did some retired 3 star General take them to the ranch, and have a hellava grand time?

Found on http://strangernn.livejournal.com/911590.html#cutid1

Unfortunately (or - fortunately, it flies which side look) quite successful flying platform from the company Piasecki, their VZ-8 Airgeep, who in civilian life was called Model 59K Skycar - appeared for 10 years before on similar apparatik became possible establish a more or less applicable LAW. They are Flying, though capable based on trucks, and capable of flying right between the houses and forest glades - could become a serious threat to the Soviet armor. Therefore, the only even slightly interesting option was the installation of the practical application of recoilless guns . But, of course, not easy to get rid bezotkatkoy here.

It is clear that such a large-sized, noisy (in addition, sometimes dusty in the whole district) and "soft" target like a flying platform - on the sighting range recoilless guns on tanks (about a kilometer) live very, very long. I mean, when manually operated well to a couple of shots to get done (with the ground, of course, it depends very unstable), then opanki. Scoot if have time ... It is this fact and try to solve the problem by setting bezotkatki with turret system recharge. Six shots at a very fast pace - something. 1-2 tank can manage to light - and in the bushes, before realizing tankers where flew . however, "did not grow together" - and not least because this platform was flying very conditional. On limiting modes 425-horsepower engine and a low flying platform nebystro ( version with two motors to 400hp famously flew, but very close ), so that even a quick-MULTICHARGED system proved a weak solution, taking the view of the tanks - no platforms, no save enough. And later appeared with long-range helicopters LAW altogether closed topic platforms. This embodiment warheads tested it, as I understand it, in the years 1959-60, because already in 1961 it was transferred to test sailors - already without recoilless guns.However, they swam this platform ...