Sunday, February 23, 2014

the best post I've ever read about 8 Tracks, and another about day two mods.... this guy is a great writer!

Some kids these days, will sink a couple thousand dollars into a car’s sound system. You can hear ‘em coming a mile away, base turned way up and quarter panels vibrating, and trunk lid rattling. That never happened when the 70’s, there was no car stereo made that would drown out the sound of dual pipes with glass packs.

 People take sound systems two seriously these days. Sure, we wanted a way to avoid disco on AM radio, but we had our priorities. First we needed a cool set of wheels and tires, and dual exhaust. Then, and only then, would we worry about spending money on a car stereo.

read the rest, it's worth your time, seriously

Next on the list were tires and wheels. Those whitewalls and hubcaps had to go. If your car actually had the power to do burnouts, you would peel that tread right down to the cords... on the right side that is. The left was fine, so you’d swap rear tires, and burn off the other tread. The front tires, you might save. Used 50’s on mag wheels often come only in sets of two, and that’s probably all you could afford to spend at one time anyways. By the time you were done with this step, you managed to go from a set of practically new steel belted radials, to two bald, dry rotted, bias ply tires. Now they say that you’re not supposed to mix bias and radial tires on the same car, but they say a lot of things. Never mind snow, with these babies, you could get stuck in the rain, if you ever ventured off the pavement and onto the grass. In stock form, those tires wouldn’t even fit on your car. That’s wasn’t a problem because step three would take care of that.