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Muhammad Ali was once a car investor/ middleman for a Suadi Arabia shiek and Brazialian car maker Puma

above from the book Puma  By Thomas H. Braun (google books)

Ali arrived in Brazil just by Rubens Maluf, entrepreneur who brought to Curitiba carmaker Puma at the end of 1986. Kevin Haines, Dealer in Houston (USA), the lawyer convinced the boxer - and model fan produced in Brazil - Richard Hirschfeld, visiting Paraná to negotiate.

Then retired for six years (and perhaps only less known in the sports world than Pelé) and financial condition to invest high, the boxer arrived in town with an engineer and a consultant in addition to the lawyer and friend.

In all three models of the Puma Al Fassi were produced by Muhammad Ali A was all closed, another had the convertible top, and the last, most expensive, had sophisticated finish, with white and red seats and sportier appearance.

Struck a deal worth U.S. $ 36 million for 1,440 units, which would later be completed in the U.S. with engines and gearboxes Porsche 911. The vehicles were sold in Saudi Arabia, whose prince was a friend of the boxer.
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there was a magazine article
"What's A Puma?" by Dwayne T. Ray. Kit Car Illustrated, August 1992. 5 pages. Fairly comprehensive article with 9 photos. Contains several interesting anecdotes. One of these was a scheme involving Muhammad Ali and Saudi financiers to market a special Puma in the U.S. as the "Ali Stinger."
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MUHAMMAD ALI STARTS UP AUTO COMPANY AP , Associated Press Apr. 27, 1987
 Muhammad Ali, who used to sting opponents in the ring, is delivering his stings on wheels with the introduction of his new sports car, the Ali Stinger. ''The car will be as I was in the ring,'' the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper quoted the three-time world boxing champion as saying. ''It will flutter around like a butterfly and sting like a bee.''
The report Sunday said the 45-year-old Ali formed a new car company, the Ali Vehicle Industry, several months ago as a joint venture with two Brazilian companies, Brazilian Araucaria Vehicle Industry and Inter-American Ltd.
Ali Vehicles in Campinas, 290 miles southwest of Rio, already has produced 20 of the Brazilian-designed cars with Porsche engines, the report said. Ali was to test the first models today, when the company officially begins operations.
The company plans to export 500 coupes and convertibles each year to the United States, Middle East and Europe, the paper quoted Ali as saying. Ali could not be reached in his Rio hotel room for comment.
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