Friday, February 21, 2014

Looks like I'm not going to get the call to come see and photograph it, so let me tell you the story

Do I remember the name? Of course not. I remember the car. 1932 3 or 5 window. It doens't matter which.

Some guy working for the water department was next to a fence, he looks across the top and spots a '32 in a back yard... he tried the house, no one home.

He goes back, never finds anyone home.

He finally brings a tarp and hops into the yard, covers that deuce so no one else would spot it, and keeps trying to find someone home.

Eventually he gets there when the guy was home mowing the yard, and the guy said "Oh, You put that tarp on it, I was wondering!"

He gets told to come back the next day to talk about a deal.

So he shows up with a couple pockets full of money, thinking this could be 30-40 thou.

The guy meets him at the driveway, and says before we get to the car, you've got to take everything else, it's time for it all to find a new home, my brother has cancer, I need the money, and I haven't RACED it since the 60's

Yeah, raced it.

So he goes to the garage and opens the door to a full collection of race parts from the 60's. Organized, spaced out, a rack of cam shafts labeled. Carbs, intakes, magnetos, engines... truckloads.

Then this cost suddenly qualruples right? It doubles when it's a bonafide race car, at Lions, Irwindale, Pomona, etcetc, but with a garage FULL of race parts that cost of buying it all.. wow, just hit somewhere in the mid 6 figures right?

So then they walk out the back of the garage into the yard, cross it to the barn, and he says, you've got to take all this stuff too... and it's bodies, fenders, frames...

Well, damn. This must be a guy just out to break hearts and brag about his incredible collection of 32 Ford stuff and race car parts, right?

And then he turns to the buyer and says, "How about 5 thousand dollars?"

yeah. That really happened.

So, I've waited a couple weeks to see if I'd get an email to come see and photograph the cool stuff, and get the interview with the buyer, and bring you readers the imagery of the cool guy that struck a gold mine, and what the car looks like that kicked this off... but it doesn't seem it's going to be, and I wanted to share this incredible story with you I was lucky enough to hear at the Grand National Roadster Show last month