Tuesday, February 25, 2014

the Martin Crocodile, 1924 Ford conversion for the US Army

Google translate says
Here's what you can do from simple binders kolkhoz "tin Lizzie" by the specialists of "Martin Rocking Fifth Wheel Company". What prompted the company engaged in semi- tracked transporter do not understand, but in 1924 the army experienced here this is their tracked products. However, native engine from Ford-T was replaced with the engine of the "lorry" Reo Speed ​​Wagon, there is not only a third more power (27.5 hp) and torque even at the expense of volume in nearly 4 liters - more suitable for crawler transporter. Moreover, there are at least two versions of the conveyor, as different body type (flatbed, with awning and hard ambulance wagon) and some small parts Coil. However ... However, judging by the complete lack of results and the development of ideas - anything they did not work.

found on http://strangernn.livejournal.com/930088.html#cutid1