Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cop arrests cop, gets harrased

A Miami Police officer, was late for an off-duty job. While in full uniform, he ran his marked police cruiser up to 120 miles per hour on a city freeway trying to make it to work. Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Watts was one of the cars he blew past.

Uncertain of who was in the speeding car, Watts spent seven minutes with her blues-and-twos running, trying to catch the speeding Lopez. Once she pulled him over, Watts confiscated Lopez's gun and cuffed him. Lopez eventually lost his job.

after the incident, Watts alleges that she started receiving threatening and prank phone calls (some were even to order pizza), along with other forms of harassment including police cars and unmarked vehicles idling outside her house. According to MSN News, a public records request with the Sunshine State's Department of Motor Vehicles revealed that her driver's license information had been accessed by 88 different officers in 25 different agencies over 200 times in just a three-month span.

found on  and demonstrates that of the few police who do their jobs with intergrity, they can't get justice from the cops either. I suspect she's been harrased for not giving him a pass for being an idiot in uniform. They expect that from everyone else in uniform. So astoundingly corrupt.

If you read past hte link you'll see she's got a damn good case and is sueing every damn department that has run her info, in violation of a law that gives police secrecy of their residence, furthermore, for no cause to run her info. I'm shocked nothing in the news from her department head, division officer, etc decrying the outrageous behavior of everyone that has searched the database for her info, and demanded their resignation for being unprofessional, etc