Wednesday, February 5, 2014

speed trap warning is given the green light by judge, overbearing - power tripping Ellisville Missouri police subdued by the 1st ammendment Free Speech provision

According to a federal judge in St. Louis, flashing your headlights to warn of upcoming speed traps is a legally protected form of free speech and is therefore protected by the First Amendment, says Fox 2 News. The ruling came after police in Ellisville, MO, pulled over Michael Elli, a retired man with a clean driving record, for flashing his lights to warn motorists that police were using their radar guns ahead.

Elli sued the city, and the American Civil Liberties Union joined him in the suit shortly thereafter.

ACLU attorney Tony Rothert, "In our view that's speech that's protected by the First Amendment and it's also good for the public because it tells people to slow down, to use caution. That's never a bad thing."