Sunday, February 2, 2014

unrestored, uncustomized, and not a rat rod. Just cool.

 If a piece of shit 77 anything had the fenders and bumpers removed, and the windshield chopped... it would never be regarded as a "custom" by anyone with dignity. And that is why I used the word uncustomized in the post title. The two guys who've commented both pointed out the windshield chop.. yeah, it's got that, but that ain't enough to get me to call it customized. No one else has noticed yet the suicide doors (cause they are perfect) and I don't think a 33 - 34 Ford had suicide doors... but I am going to stick to my guns even if no one else agrees. Not a "custom". No fabricated this or that, dropped over the frame, newish power train, trick headlights, rake, Barris touches, Westergard grill, Carson top, etc etc ad infinitum et nauseum